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 2.5D Geometry ClassETC 2021-04-12Add support for 2.5d geometry classes for area unification both visual and physical.  890 Jump Mission UpdateETC 2021-06-18Update the Origin 890 Jump missions to support body dragging. This will enable the player to drag an unconscious NPC into a ship in the cargo hold to extract them. Includes both lawful and unlawful mission variants. Achievement ServiceETC 2021-09-28This service is responsible for the lifecycle and management of Game Achievements. Aciedo StationETC 2022-11-24Aciedo is a station created by Aciedo CommRelay, a Human corporation that manufactures and maintains interstellar communications equipment. Actor Status T2ETC 2023-10-15Actor Status Tier 2 looks at a variety of new elements such as hygiene, NPC status tracking, multiple bites, DNA integrity, medical insurance, cybernetic limbs and cloning. Adapt Spawn Closets to Support Persistent NPC SpawningETC 2021-08-09Tasks to update the Spawn Closet feature to work with the NPC scheduler service. Aegis Gladius Gold StandardETC 2021-03-12Implementing, polishing, and optimizing all features required to bring the Aegis Gladius up to gold standard. Aegis IdrisETC 2021-09-30Crafted by Aegis Dynamics, the Idris is the standard frigate used by the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN). Aegis Javelin DestroyerETC 2021-03-26Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech required for the implementation of the Aegis Javelin Destroyer. Aegis RedeemerETC 2021-11-26Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech, required for the implementation of the Aegis Redeemer gunship into the PU. Aegis Retaliator Gold StandardETC 2021-07-02Implementing, polishing, and optimizing all features required to bring the Aegis Retaliator up to gold standard. AI - Arcade MachineETC 2022-06-10AI behavior where the AI will play multiple rounds on an arcade machine, with varied emotional results depending on if they win or lose. AI - DancingETC 2021-07-16Dancing is a segment of our new civilian AI leisure behavior. After work, some civilians will have the urge to spend time at a nightclub and dance the night away. This will bring new life and movement to our bars. AI - Ground VehiclesETC 2021-09-09This is the first pass on supporting NPCs controlling and driving ground vehicles. This requires the implementation of a new pathfollower that can take care of the vehicle's physical abilities to transform the NPCs movement request into actual movement. AI - HawkerETC 2021-05-06Encompasses all tasks for implementing the Hawker NPC type into the persistent universe. AI - Illegal Goods DealerETC 2021-10-15The ‘Goods Dealer’ is a new roaming ‘Vendor’ AI behaviour that brokers illegal products, located mostly wandering around shadowy and secretive areas, this dealer trades without a license or permission and is always on the lookout for security.  AI - JanitorETC 2021-06-17Encompasses all tasks for implementing the Janitor NPC type into the persistent universe. AI - Landing ImprovementsETC 2022-05-13This enables AI ships to land and deliver reinforcements on non-structured ground areas like planetary terrain where a pre-defined landing area and assistance from Air Traffic Control is not available. AI - LeisureETC 2021-09-23The leisure behavior is a segment of our new civilian behavior system, controlling how the AI behaves when they have free time during their schedule. AI will create a lifelike environment by relaxing and having fun, using the things that are available to them, such as exercise equipment, jogging routes, TV monitors, seats/benches, and their mobiGlas. AI - MedicalETC 2022-08-26Implementing a variety of medical AI behaviors. A patient will arrive at the hospital and check themselves in at a terminal then wait to be seen called to a room for a diagnosis. The patient can then see doctors and nurses tending to sick and injured people. Other patients will wait to be called. Doctors and nurses can be seen washing their hands, checking medical stock and dispensing medicine. Some patients will be asleep in medical beds. AI - Navigation Links - Elevators/TransitETC 2021-11-18Implementing special adapters to inform the navigation system of potential navmesh connections offered by elevators and transit. Those systems will create potential connections that rely on specific additional conditions to be met (the presence of a train, an elevator and so on). NPCs will be able to use those connections and understand when the appropriate exit point is reached. AI - Navigation Links - Ladders/Ledge GrabETC 2022-09-02Implementing special adapters to allow the navigation system to be informed of potential navmesh connections offered by ladders or ledge grab markup. The navigation links already allowed the creation of adapters that contain gamecode specific functionality to function as sort of translators between system-specific domain into the navigation system. AI - Off Duty Activities - HygieneETC 2022-09-02The sleeping behavior is a segment of our new civilian behavior system, making the AI feel more realistic by scheduling toilet breaks, sometimes washing hands, and increasing hygiene values by taking daily showers. AI - Off Duty Activities - SleepingETC 2022-08-05The sleeping behavior is a segment of our new civilian behavior system, controlling how the AI sleeps, relaxes, and socializes in bed. We will support single beds, bunk beds and beds with privacy shutters in this first iteration. AI - Planetary NavigationETC 2022-04-29First pass at a system that allows NPCs to move on planetary surfaces using a dynamically generated navigation mesh. This will efficiently process planetary terrain and objects to prioritize the processing of the environment around the players into navmesh, allowing us to use all the existing functionalities on planets. AI - Trolley Push & PullETC 2021-06-17This will be the first pass on implementing the ability for NPCs to use trolleys and trolley-like entities. They will be able to move in the environment pushing and pulling those entities to place them from/to specific locations. This requires the creation of a special pathfollower that can take into consideration external forces that needs to be balanced to achieve the desired speed. AI - Turret GunnerETC 2021-05-16Encompasses all tasks for implementing the Turret Gunner NPC type into the persistent universe. AI - Unmanned Missile TurretsETC 2021-08-12Adding AI controlled missile turrets to improve defense of green zones. AI - Untrained CombatETC 2022-12-30First iteration for untrained characters (such as civilians) to react in battle scenarios. Civilian AI will be able to use weapons to defend themselves in threatening situations, and will try to preserve their lives using cover or surrendering when necessary. AI - Usable System V2ETC 2022-11-18Improving the implementation of the existing usable system to optimize the memory usage, and improve the performance when querying usable data at runtime.  AI EVA TechETC 2021-06-03AI will be able to navigate via EVA in open space to appropriate points of interest and will allow the AI to transition from seat to EVA when requested or when appropriate. AI Info ServiceETC 2021-05-28Currently, Odin and other backend tools that display player or NPC locations route through ElasticSearch, which is CIG's analytics pipeline. This process is naturally slow, and the amount of high-fidelity data we need to track is low enough to make a separate service practical. This new service will continuously track the position of players, NPCs, and other entities so that our live-service tools can display them properly in real-time. Akiro ClusterETC 2021-06-01Adding the Akiro Cluster, a cluster of dangerous, charred asteroids. While mostly worthless, some rare materials can be found here. Animatable Gunner HelmetETC 2022-08-12Creating an animated and EVA-capable version of the gunner helmet.  Anvil LiberatorETC 2021-10-15Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil's long range carrier, the Liberator, as a game-ready vehicle. Anvil SpartanETC 2021-12-03Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil's armored personnel carrier, the Spartan, as a game-ready vehicle. ArchonETC 2022-11-24Archon Station is a large space station located inside The Coil. Area 18 - Hospital Interior LocationETC 2021-12-03Area 18 hospital interior where players can heal, revive, and purchase medical supplies and life insurance. Area 18 Hospital Staff OutfitsETC 2021-11-19Implementing variant outfits and loadouts for the staff of Area 18 hospitals. Argo RAFTETC 2021-11-26Building, implementing, and balancing Argo's medium hauler, the RAFT, as a game-ready vehicle. Argo SRVETC 2023-07-27Building, implementing, and balancing Argo's tugboat, the SRV, as a game-ready vehicle. Asset ManagerETC 2021-09-03In support of localized inventories, the Asset Manager keeps track of all player-owned items, where they're stored, and where they need to go to pick up, transfer, and equip them.  Asset Reference DatabaseETC 2022-04-27Create a tool to track relationships and dependencies between assets and produce asset graphs showing how an in-game entity is composed. This will allow improvements to the build system and easier asset management.  Asset Specific ADIK Targets - MayaETC 2021-05-10Implementation of a new maya workflow featuring a streamlined user interface for authoring asset specific ADIK targets that can be exported to engine on a per-animation basis. Asset ValidatorETC 2021-08-04Replacement for the existing Asset Validator to provide extensible test plug-ins, improved performance, and clearer error reporting.  ATC ServiceETC 2023-08-10The logic for Air Traffic Control is handled separately on each DGS (Dedicated Game Server). As we move closer to the reality of Server Meshing, the logic for Air Traffic Control needs to transition to a separate service. ATC System RewriteETC 2022-03-29Rewrite the ATC system to utilize a backend service, making it compatible with server meshing. AtlasETC 2022-09-01Add functionality to the Hybrid for what will become the Atlas component service of the Replication Layer. Atlas functionality splits the game up into multiple manageble regions (known as territories) which are then provided to the Replicant functions Dedicated Game Servers (DGS) by the Replicant Hybrid to manage and simulate. Atmospheric Pressure DamageETC 2022-10-27Atmospheric Pressure Damage is the damage players/NPCs or ships will receive in situations where the exterior pressure exceeds the pressure resistance of the corresponding ship/armor/suit. Audio to Animation ToolsetETC 2022-06-21Development of a toolset to analyze .wav audio files and create matching, believable facial animations that work with the game's current rigs. AWS Batch InterfaceETC 2021-06-07A cloud based batch solution utilising Amazon Web Servers to offload much of the conversion and export work from users machines to speed up their workflows. BackpacksETC 2021-12-31Concepting and creating generic backpacks to support physicalized inventory, as well as developing a scalable system for equipping backpacks onto a variety of armors.  Banu MerchantmanETC 2022-11-11Building, balancing, and implementing the Merchantman, the Banu-made trading vessel, into the game. Basilisk Advocacy UndersuitETC 2021-07-30Encompasses all tasks related the Advocacy undersuit made by Basilisk. Behring S7 Ballistic GatlingETC 2021-10-15Designing and creating the Behring S7 Ballistic Gatling ship weapon. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Behring S7 Laser CannonETC 2021-10-15Designing and creating the Behring S7 Laser Cannon ship weapon. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Bespoke Take & PlaceETC 2021-08-05Definable and bespoke take and place animations actions for specific items. For example, the take and place animation for a helmet should be different from a bottle or grenade. Boat Movement ParametersETC 2021-06-25Creation and support for a new vehicle movement simulation and movement type for use with boats or other aquatic vehicles. BombsETC 2023-02-02These systems will allow players in certain ships to drop a variety of powerful bombs over targets in atmosphere. Boreal StalkerETC 2021-07-30Implementing the boreal stalker creature into the game. Created by microTech genetic engineers to fill the apex predator niche wthin their planet's ecosystem, the boreal stalker roams its tundras searching for prey. Bounty Hunter V2ETC 2023-12-15Enabling players to track criminals via a mobiGlas security app linked to distress beacons, comm arrays, air traffic control systems, cameras, and NPC informants. This will rely on various new backend tech, including Virtual AI, the NPC Scheduler, and Security Service. Breakers YardETC 2022-03-29Breakers Yard is an environmental location hidden deep within Odin I. Bug Fixing & Tech DebtETC 2023-12-15General bug-fixing and optimization for all game features and backend tech.  Building Blocks Shop ConversionETC 2021-03-12Convert the UI used when visiting item shops to work with Building Block technology and prepare the layout for the upcoming Organizational Perks. Building InteriorsETC 2023-12-15Create gameplay focused layouts to fill the interiors of the various buildings in landing zones. Cargo System Refactor ETC 2022-12-07Refactor to allow both found and purchased cargo to be picked up, moved around, and placed into the cargo grid of a ship. Cave ImprovementsETC 2021-03-30Adding two new cave entrances to the PU. The 'drive-in' entrance will allow players to enter using a ground vehicle, while the 'sinkhole' entrance will require players to enter and exit using a ship. Chapter 01ETC 2023-09-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 1 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 02ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 2 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 03ETC 2023-02-10Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 3 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 04ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 4 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 05ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 5 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 06ETC 2023-07-31Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 6 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 07ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 7 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 08ETC 2023-08-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 8 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 09ETC 2023-08-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 9 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 10ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 10 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 11ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 11 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 12ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 12 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 13ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 13 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 14ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 14 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 15ETC 2023-03-29Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 15 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 16ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 16 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 17ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 17 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 18ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 18 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 19ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 19 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 20ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 20 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 21ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 21 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 22ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 22 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 23ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 23 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 24ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 24 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 25ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 25 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 26ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 26 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Chapter 27ETC 2023-10-15Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 27 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Character Attachment VolumesETC 2021-06-04Volume guidelines for weapon and item attachments on characters to allow for better design implementation from the concept phase.  Character CreatorETC 2023-10-15Developing the player character creator for the Squadron 42 single player campaign. Character WorkETC 2023-10-15Creation and implementation of various characters in Squadron 42's single-player campaign, including art, animation, and AI behavior. Charge/Drain T0ETC 2023-03-02All back-end tech tasks related to creating the first pass of the charge/drain power feature that will be used in future location and mission updates. Checkpoint - Restore Ship State ETC 2021-09-17Once implemented, re-loading from a checkpoint will restore the ship state when it was saved, or in a designer specified state. ChemlineETC 2023-06-16Chemline is an abandoned extraction facility built by Chemline Solutions located on Gainey in the Odin system. CIG Profile ImprovementsETC 2021-05-24Ongoing improvements and optimizations to CIG Profile, giving better visualization of performance data and a better overall handle on performance costs.  Civilian NPC Movement ImprovementsETC 2022-05-13Various improvements to the animation and behavior of civilian NPCs to make them feel less stiff and robotic, allowing them to move in a more natural way. This will also be improving the appearance of their awareness of the surrounding environment and other NPCs in their vicinity. Cloud Test Launcher V3.0ETC 2021-03-17Add console capability to Cloud Test Launcher to allow testers to interact with large numbers of headless clients on an individual or group basis.  Cloud Test Launcher V4.0ETC 2021-09-15Add support for additional test environments, Fleet API, and fine-grained user authorization.  Comm Array Mission ImprovementsETC 2021-12-23Several mission improvements and totally new missions set across and around the Comm Arrays, with a specific focus on PvP content. Comm Array Status on Backend UpdateETC 2021-04-19Communicate Comm Array/Monitored Zone status changes to backend services to enable incorporation into Quantum and Virtual AI. Commodity KioskETC 2022-08-26Converting the commodity kiosks to utilize Building Blocks. This will also add loading timers, which will need to be factored-in when planning cargo runs. Configuration ServiceETC 2021-03-30This service is responsible for real-time distribution of configuration to services and clients. Consolidated Outland HoverQuadETC 2022-02-15Building, implementing, and balancing Consolidated Outland's gravlev bike, the HoverQuad, as a game-ready vehicle. Cooperative LocomotionETC 2022-08-04This mechanic allows players to grab some larger objects and move them around an environment by either pushing or pulling it. Counterfeiting / Data Download MissionETC 2021-12-17Implementing missions that task players with infiltrating ships defended by hostile NPCs to hack terminals. There will be both lawful and unlawful variants of these missions.  Creature Rigging PipelineETC 2021-09-10Development and creation of the internal rigging pipeline. CrusaderETC 2021-06-11All tasks relating to the creation of the planet Crusader, including points of interest. This beautiful-yet-dangerous gas giant is home to the Orison landing zone, a picturesque city floating on orbital latticework.  Crusader Ares Starfighter InfernoETC 2021-11-12Building, implementing, and balancing the Crusader Ares Starfighter Inferno as a flight-ready vehicle. Crusader Ares Starfighter IonETC 2021-11-12Building, implementing, and balancing the Crusader Ares Starfighter Ion as a flight-ready vehicle. Crusader Hercules Starlifter A2ETC 2021-10-15Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech, required for the implementation of the Crusader A2 Hercules gunship into the PU. Crusader Hercules Starlifter C2ETC 2021-05-14Building, implementing, and balancing the Crusader Hercules Starlifter C2 as a flight-ready vehicle. Crusader Hercules Starlifter M2ETC 2021-05-14Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech, required for the implementation of the Crusader M2 Hercules military transporter into the PU. Curelife Medical ToolETC 2021-08-27Create a Curelife-branded medical tool for use in the field and within hospitals. This will be used by medics instead of the Multi-Tool. Cutting T2ETC 2023-10-15All back end tech tasks related to updating the cutting feature for the multi-tool that will be used in future location and mission updates. The continued development of the existing Multi-Tool technology will allow players to cut through specific objects. This will primarily include the ability to free-form cut on specific surfaces. Cybernetics ConceptETC 2021-07-30Cybernetics concepts that will go towards the eventual implementation of the Death of a Spaceman gameplay.  Datacore Deserializer ETC 2022-09-15A C++ Star Service that uses the normal game tech to read the DataCore data - whether that be in binary format or loose files - and exposes it via a Diffusion API. DebugGUI ETC 2021-06-23Improving existing and adding new in-engine debugging tools based on immediate mode graphical user interface to reduce the usage of on-screen text debugging.  Delivery Mission - Dangerous LocationsETC 2021-02-12Implement missions tasking the player with delivering hazardous cargo to dangerous locations. Cargo will be damage-sensitive and must be protected while outlaws attempt to destroy it. Delivery Mission - TimedETC 2021-02-12Implement timed delivery missions with multiple drops and varied timers. This will require players to prioritize drops and plan routes to ensure all packages are delivered on time. These missions will vary between local drops and long-distance deliveries. Derelict Spaceships - Points of InterestETC 2023-05-25Points of interest that will be scattered on planets. They will be derelict spaceships with some type of activity (puzzle, traversal, hostile AI) and some type of reward for resolving said activity. Derelict/Damage PassETC 2021-03-31This work aims to focus on further improving derelict/damaged assets. Destructible EnvironmentsETC 2022-08-03This feature will allow individual pieces of foliage to be destroyed, and this can also be used to populate a destruction map to record data about ecosystem destruction. Destructible WorkflowETC 2021-08-02Building out a workflow to allow artists and designers to work with destructible objects. DGS Crash RecoveryETC 2022-09-29When a Dedicated Game Server (DGS) crashes, this system will spin-up a replacement DGS and restore its state from the Replication Layer. DGS Mesh NodeETC 2022-09-29DGS Mesh Node implements multiple Dedicated Game Servers (DGS) and clients connected to the same instance of the Hybrid service, and allows DGS to exchange entities and authority over them. Disarray AmmunitionETC 2023-10-15This is a new charged ballistic projectile that emits electromagnetic pulses, helping to not only damage the target but also to disrupt power systems. DNA Head Textures UpdateETC 2022-03-25Texture updates for DNA head archetypes that will improve texture quality for all DNA heads in Star Citizen and Squadron 42. DNA Toolbox UpdatesETC 2021-07-16Updates to our DNA toolbox to improve the DNA markup workflow for designers and artists alike.  Docking - Ship to ShipETC 2021-04-02All tasks related to the feature that allow smaller ships to dock in larger ships while in space. Docking - Ship to StationETC 2021-05-14Adding the ability to dock ships with space stations and other ships. This also includes spawning docked ships at space stations and within larger vessels. Drake CorsairETC 2022-11-11Building, balancing, and implementing Drake Interplanetary's multi-crew explorer, the Corsair, into the game. Drake Cutlass SteelETC 2021-12-17Building, implementing, and balancing Drake Interplanetary's dropship, the Cutlass Steel, as a game-ready vehicle. Drake VultureETC 2022-09-02Building, balancing, and implementing Drake Interplanetary's light salvage ship, the Vulture, into the game. Dynamic EnvironmentETC 2021-06-01Updating the Emergency Outposts as a proof-of-concept for the new dynamic interior environments. This includes allowing players to use the Multi-Tool Tractor Beam thanks to the addition of interactable props and consumables. Dynamic EventsETC 2023-01-30Continued work on backend tech to support the development of Dynamic Events in Star Citizen's ever expanding universe. Dynamic Objects PresetsETC 2021-03-30Dynamic object presets will allow our scattered object presets to adjust to external factors such as weather, proximity to rivers/coasts, and differing climates.  Dynamic Population ETC 2022-07-29All milestones that need to be passed in order to implement dynamic populations in various locations around the ‘verse.  Ecosystem EnhancementsETC 2022-09-14Enhancing the realism of plants and animals in their aspects and behaviors, to better immerse them in their respective environments. ECUS ImprovementsETC 2022-05-27The Entity Component Update Scheduler, or ECUS, is the central manager responsible for maintaining all component updates and Events. Over the last months, several improvements where done on that system, bringing it into the main development stream.  Enemy CharactersETC 2023-10-12Encompasses all tasks related to an enemy faction's characters in Squadron 42. Enemy ShipsETC 2022-09-29Construction and implementation of approved concepts for various enemy ships. Entity Graph APIETC 2021-05-11Engine implementation for Entity Graph database access. Entity Graph SeedingETC 2021-05-25This will allow EntityGraph to be "seeded" with the initial "factory state" of all the entities in a Shard. Entity Graph Single-Player ImplementationETC 2021-06-22In-memory single-player entity graph database for Squadron 42 and single-player Arena Commander game modes. Entity Stow/DestroyETC 2022-02-15"Stow" refers to moving an item into an inventory. For example, a ship loaded with cargo being stowed, stores the ship and it's associated cargo. This work implements removing items from the Replication Layer, moving its persistent data into an inventory managed by the EntityGraph. EntityArea ImprovementsETC 2021-08-27Provide more developer flexibility for placing object pivot points, change the shape format from custom to common, and to support the same kind of complex shapes we aim to with VisAreas, we will need segments on Entity Areas as well.  EntityAreas - Entity Area AnimationETC 2021-05-24As we unify the different shape systems, we need to reach feature parity. To achieve this, we need to support animations on Entity Areas.  Error Reporting & Crash HandlingETC 2022-03-30Unify and normalize crash handling across environments for clients, game server instances and services, to provide faster correlation of client crashes to backend and simulation crashes. EVA T2ETC 2023-03-31Further improves the EVA experience following the transition to IFCS. Introduces limited EVA fuel and encourages the use of zero-G push/pull and the Multi-Tool's tractor beam. Event System - One Shot TriggersETC 2021-04-16When complete, the Event System will no longer have multiple loops when events are dispatched. Feature Testing FrameworkETC 2021-03-17Improve the structure for automated testing to allow different teams to more efficiently create and managed tests for their own features.  Female Player HeadETC 2022-02-15Completing a modeling and texture polish for the female player's head. After this pass on this asset, it will be sent to Tech Animation for a rigging update. Fire ExtinguisherETC 2023-05-26All tasks required to implement functioning fire extinguishers in-game. This feature will work alongside the fire hazard system. Fire HazardETC 2023-10-26The Fire Hazard system will track fire & temperature on static and dynamic objects. For the initial release of fire, the feature will be setup on a select few vehicles. Flak AmmunitionETC 2023-05-31This new damage type triggers on proximity or expiration, causing a concentrated burst of shrapnel to damage targets in an area. Force Reactions ETC 2021-06-24Expanding on the physics based reactions to physical forces. Actors are made to stagger and collide with their environment and experience inertia, regardless of being the pilot. FPS Devices - DeployablesETC 2021-07-09While throwable and consumable devices already exist within Star Citizen as grenades and MedPens, further work on this system will enable us to more easily create new items with different effects when used. This includes the development of deployable devices, items that can be carried around as part of a player loadout, equipped and deployed onto a surface. FPS Devices T1ETC 2023-04-27While throwable and consumable devices already exist within Star Citizen as grenades and MedPens, further work on this system will enable us to more easily create new items with different effects when used. This includes the development of deployable devices, or items that can be carried around as part of a player loadout, equipped and deployed onto a surface. FPS Radar / ScanningETC 2022-10-27Improved signature system, supporting much greater distances, and dampening of signatures by environmental interference and larger signatures. Improved Scanning, driven by the same signature system as the Radar and Ping, available in Ships, ground vehicles, and FPS FPS: Realistic Weapon HandlingETC 2021-06-23Adding functionality for AI to evaluate their proficiency with different weapons, use the one best suited to the situation, and manage ammunition accordingly. Free Form Variable APIETC 2021-12-07Blackboard service for gamecode systems to write generic persistent variables. Frontier ClothingETC 2023-06-16Generating concepts for frontier-style clothing for players and NPCs. FS-Tech-Anim - Asset IntegrationETC 2022-12-23Game dev integration of .skin and .dna files with addition of LOD optimization and fixes. GaineyETC 2022-07-01Odin I's former moon, known as Gainey, still drifts near the remnants of the planet. Gameplay Stats ServiceETC 2021-07-20This service is responsible for collecting, persisting, and querying player gameplay statistics. Gatac RailenETC 2021-05-21Building, implementing, and balancing Gatac's cargo hauler, the Railen, as a flight-ready vehicle. Gen12 - Renderer T1ETC 2023-08-25Generation 12 Rendering will replace the current DX11 renderer with a new rendering system. Generic Ship Screens - UIETC 2021-07-30Generic UI screens that can be used in all future ships. Generic Utility BackpackETC 2021-05-21Creating material variants of the existing utility backpack to act as a generic backpack for existing utility armors in the PU.  Gravlev Physics ReworkETC 2022-01-21A significant rework of the flight and driving model for gravlev vehicles when hovering. The aim is to improve general feel and stability, resulting in a far better experience for players using hover bikes. Greycat Industrial Cutter ToolETC 2021-03-19Designing and creating the new stand-alone dedicated cutting tool. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Greycat Industrial Cydnus Mining DroidETC 2022-04-15Building, implementing, and balancing Greycat's mining platform, the Cydnus, as a game-ready vehicle. Greycat Industrial MT FPS AttachmentsETC 2021-03-26Designing and creating the GRIN Multi-tool FPS Attachments. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Greycat Industrial ROC-DSETC 2021-03-19Building, implementing, and balancing the Greycat ROC-DS as a drivable vehicle. Greycat Industrial Salvage BackpackETC 2022-05-06Concepting, designing, and implementing this variant of the Greycat Specialist Backpack, geared toward storing salvaged material. Greycat Industrial Salvage ToolETC 2023-06-05Designing and creating a stand-alone salvage tool. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Greycat Industrial Tractor ToolETC 2022-04-15Designing and creating the dedicated tractor beam tool. This includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Greycat PTV Gold StandardETC 2022-02-18Implementing, polishing, and optimizing all features required to bring the Greycat PTV to gold standard. GrimHex - Hospital Interior LocationETC 2021-09-24Implementation of a working clinic located within GrimHex, where players can be healed, as well as purchase medical supplies and life insurance. Ground Scramble RaceETC 2021-12-17Adding Scramble Races to Hurston and its moons along with general improvements and bug fixes. Hacking T0ETC 2023-06-06All back-end tech tasks related to creating the first pass of the hacking feature that will be used in future location and mission updates. When implemented in-game this feature will be used to access systems and areas that have been previously closed to the player. The hacking process will be represented via a minigame that is displayed on the player's HUD visor. Hangar Manager App V1ETC 2021-09-10Creating a mobiGlas app that emulates the functionality of ASOP terminals, allowing players to spawn ships, claim insurance and access the array of landing services to maintain their ships. Harvestables/MinablesETC 2021-10-29Adding the first iteration of 'looting'. This involves spawning weapons, bottles of water, MedPens, and clothing at various locations that the player can find, store, and use. Head RiggingETC 2021-06-21Creation of additional animation rigs to be used by various character heads. Healing T0 / Actor Status T1ETC 2021-12-31The improved Player Status System focuses on implementing additional statuses, specifically intoxication and effects from drugs, and the associated functional and visual feedback. This also will allow players to use items with healing properties, such as the MedPen, on other player characters and NPCs. Heat SuitETC 2021-08-27This is a heavy armor suit (manufactured by Caldera) that is meant to hold up to extreme heat conditions found on various planets. HEXETC 2023-09-29Increase Hex Tools feature set to enable player relations and developers to view and manipulate real-time data from all microservices in the mesh.  Hospital Doctor UniformETC 2021-05-21Doctor uniform worn by NPCs working in hospitals.  Hospital Medical Concept KitETC 2021-08-27Concepts for a variety of hospital themed NPCs, planned alongside the release of Hospitals as a Landing Zone element. Hospital NurseETC 2021-09-10Nurse uniform worn by NPCs working in hospitals.  Hospital SurgeonETC 2022-09-02Concepting, creating, and implementing the outfits worn by surgeons, beginning with the ones working in the Orison General hospital location. Hospitals T0ETC 2021-06-28Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech required for the implementation of the first hospitals in the persistent universe. Hull Visual DegradationETC 2021-04-02Introducing visual wear-and-tear to player ships as they age and degrade. When implemented, ships will subtly change depending on how long they have existed in the 'verse. Hybrid ServiceETC 2022-02-15Moves the network code's Replication Layer out of the Dedicated Game Server (DGS) and into a stand-alone service. This service is referred to as the Hybrid, as later versions of Server Meshing will split it into component services handling different aspects of the Replication Layer's functionality. The first version of Server Meshing will use the Hybrid service to manage client and server streaming, replication of networked state between clients and servers, and persisting state changes to the EntityGraph. Identity ServiceETC 2021-12-21Identity service will be a proxy service that will relay information about accounts between the RSI platform, Tavern (Spectrum) and the game client. Improved OC WorkflowETC 2022-03-15Quality of life and workflow improvements to Object Container handling within the Editor.  Incendiary AmmunitionETC 2023-10-15This is a new ballistic projectile that burns on impact, causing the target to take damage over time and potentially causing items in the environment to catch fire. Increasing Player Hab NumberETC 2021-04-13Increase of Player Habs to 100 per landing zone. Infiltrate/Defend MissionETC 2022-07-15Underground Facilities are the first place to benefit from the addition of spawn closets which allow us the expansion of the suite of missions that take place there. Missions range from all-out assaults to situations where you may be able to complete objectives without the need to engage in combat at all, and include both lawful and unlawful versions. Inventory SystemETC 2021-07-20Creating an updated API system that supports multiple player/location inventories, stacking as well as trading between inventories. Inventory UnstowETC 2021-12-07"Unstow" refers to fetching an item from an inventory and placing it into a Shard. For example, a ship loaded with cargo being unstowed, removes the ship and it's associated cargo from the inventory and places them into the game. This work implements moving an item's persistent data from an inventory into a Shard managed by the EntityGraph, and adding the item to the Replication Layer. Itemport Mod APIETC 2021-10-12This API allows tools like the Vehicle Modification App (VMA) to modify ship loadouts inside inventories. Jira ArchiverETC 2021-02-03Create a tool that archives old Jira tickets to help manage completed, outdated and deprecated tasks.  Jump ModuleETC 2021-07-04Encompasses the initial steps to determine the look and variety of jump modules. Jump Point Spacescaping ETC 2022-01-18Creating the environments around the Jump Points connecting Stanton and Pyro. The locations will utilize gas cloud tech and include rest stops and other infrastructure. Jump PointsETC 2023-09-21Building out the functionality, visual, and audio effects for the jump points used to travel between systems, and setting them up in-game. Including necessary vehicle items and functionality, the jump points themselves, and their inner tunnels. Klaus & Werner AttachmentsETC 2021-01-08Designing and creating the new Klaus & Werner weapon attachments. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Landing Gear SpringsETC 2021-03-05Support for Cinematics to be able to control landing gear spring height. Laser Trip MineETC 2022-07-08Implementing laser trip mines into the game, which are explosives that use light beams as triggers. When someone or something comes into contact with the beam, the mine goes boom. Lava TechETC 2022-12-31Modifying and tuning river tech to produce impressive lava rivers and lakes. Law System ImprovementsETC 2021-03-22Updates to the Law System include proxy crime when one person on board a ship commits a felony and the option to hide notifications and criminal rating updates. Lean Over CoverETC 2022-07-08Implementing the tech and animation needed to allow characters and NPCs to push into cover objects, as well as look, lean, and shoot over them. Levski - Hospital Interior LocationETC 2022-03-14Levski hospital interior where players can heal, revive, and purchase medical supplies and life insurance. Levski Hospital Staff OutfitsETC 2021-12-17Implementing variant outfits and loadouts for the staff of Levski hospitals. Life Support T0ETC 2023-10-23Implementing the first iteration of onboard life support systems in ships, which entails a ship component that generates air when turned on, and management of said life support component within the vehicle loadout manager. Lockable ContainersETC 2022-06-22Lockable Containers will add the ability for designers to lock entities with either physical or electronic locks, which can be opened with a key or forced open via cutting, destroying, or hacking the lock. Login FlowETC 2022-07-01Improving the login process to allow for more stability and easier analysis of errors, as well as improvements to queue that will help streamline the login process, particularly in instances of high concurrency. Long Distance ProbingETC 2022-03-01This feature will allow players to launch quantum-traveling probes that can detect signatures at extreme ranges far beyond the reach of ship scanners. The signatures can ultimately be used to identify point-of-interest and plan quantum travel. Long Term Persistence EnhancementsETC 2022-07-01Changes to Long Term Persistence that support the new inventory and shard database. LTP functionality will stay the same, but the system will read/write the data from the new entity graph database. Look IK Architecture RefactorETC 2022-03-29Update to the existing Look IK system to remap eye trajectory to use eye expressions that are defined in rig logic. Loot Generation T0ETC 2021-08-17Implementing the systems that generate containers throughout the persistent universe (crates/lockers/boxes) that contain dynamically populated, randomized loot. Loot Generation T1ETC 2021-12-21This system deals with the generation of lootable containers throughout the world, their contents and how they can be accessed/broken in to. Lorville - Hospital Interior LocationETC 2022-03-11Implementation of a working hospital located in Lorville, where players can be healed and revived, as well as purchase medical supplies and life insurance. Lorville Hospital Staff OutfitsETC 2021-11-05Implementing variant outfits and loadouts for the staff of Lorville hospitals. Mag Stripping/RefillETC 2021-06-04This will allow players to strip found weapons of their ammunition. They can then remove each bullet and refill their own magazines manually or via a bullet reloader. This is only compatible with ballistic ammunition. Male Specialist Heavy RRS ArmorETC 2021-09-24Creating an RRS Specialist heavy armor set, including its material variants. Male Specialist Light RRS ArmorETC 2021-08-27A modular light armor set aimed for stealth specialization. Map and Radar System ReworkETC 2023-10-15An overhaul of the underlying system and associated UI for the Starmap, radar, local area map, and minimap. Maya Live LinkETC 2021-11-26Maya Live Link establishes a link between Maya and the engine's Sandbox Editor. It is primarily meant to give animators the best possible, "what you see is what you get" style preview quality by seamlessly integrating the Editor-rendered images in the Maya viewport. Maya Loadouts from P4KETC 2022-05-24Encompasses tasks related to querying skin files and geometry from P4K and rebuild them inside maya on an existing maya animation rig. Medical GownETC 2021-08-13When players respawn in hospitals, they will respawn wearing a medical gown to show that they have been treated at the hospital.  Medical UI SupportETC 2021-05-21Creating specific shaders to allow for medical gameplay UI, such as skeleton and X-Ray shaders.  MFD ReworkETC 2023-08-01We will both rebuild ship MFDs with our new Building Blocks UI technology, as well as completely redesign them in an effort to make them more customizable, better matched to ship aesthetics, and better at serving ship gameplay. Migrating Legacy Vehicle XMLs to DatacoreETC 2021-05-14Updating XML vehicle data to be stored in a new optimized location and format. Military Multi-ToolETC 2023-05-22Designing and building a multi-tool variant used by the UEE Military in the Squadron 42 campaign. Mining ComponentsETC 2021-02-16Mining sub-components will allow players to customize their lasers to suit specific jobs and encounters. For example, some will make mining easier, some will make it faster, and some will have great stat boosts at the cost of serious trade-offs elsewhere. Mining GadgetsETC 2022-01-21Mining Gadgets will help to modify the rock and assist the player with mining a Deposit. The player can attach a device physically to a mineable deposit in FPS to modify its stats, making mining either easier and safer, or quicker and riskier. MISC Hull AETC 2022-03-18Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech required for the implementation of the MISC Hull-A cargo hauler in the PU. MISC Hull CETC 2023-03-09Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech, required for the implementation of the MISC Hull-C heavy cargo hauler into the PU. MISC Hull DETC 2022-02-18Building, implementing, and balancing MISC's heavy cargo hauler, the Hull D, as a flight-ready vehicle. MISC Hull EETC 2022-05-20Building, implementing, and balancing MISC's heavy cargo hauler, the Hull E, as a flight-ready vehicle. MISC OdysseyETC 2021-11-26Building, implementing, and balancing MISC's exploration vessel, the Odyssey, as a game-ready vehicle. Miscellaneous SupportETC 2023-11-20Includes general support for other teams, updating existing features, or small tasks that don't necessitate a full entry.  Missile Operator ModeETC 2021-06-25Missiles will now be controlled under a dedicated missile operator mode, which gives players the option to select and fire specific missiles while operating in ships, such as the Vanguard, which allow for different types of missiles and torpedoes. Missiles ImprovementsETC 2021-03-03Convert missiles to use the IFCS guidance and control systems. This will improve missile performance and tracking ability, enabling greater control over general missile behaviors. Mission Manager AppETC 2023-08-24Alongside converting to Building Blocks, this feature includes an updated UI in support of the dynamic mission system. Also includes the ability for players to see the reputational requirements of mission content. MOABETC 2021-09-03Designing and creating the 'Mother of all bombs' or MOAB. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Modular ShadersETC 2022-03-08Updating the existing shader system and its workflows to allow for implementation of support for basic modularity. Mop & BucketETC 2023-05-05Enabling support for AI janitors to use multiple tools in either hand. Mounted GunsETC 2021-07-23Further expanding the player's arsenal by allowing them to take control of a mounted gun on either a vehicle or the ground. These weapons will offer greater firepower and stability at the cost of mobility. Move Planet to ComputeETC 2022-05-11Planetary terrain chunks have an important screen rendering fill-rate. Distant terrain shading attributes are computed on a per pixel basis which is not necessary most of of the time. By using a compute shader we can simplify and reduce the pixel shader cost to boost the overall terrain rendering performance.  MT Healing AttachmentETC 2021-07-23Designing and creating the multi-tool healing attachment. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. MT Salvage AttachmentETC 2021-04-02Designing and creating the multi-tool salvage attachment. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Name Resolving APIETC 2022-07-01Engine implementation for entity class name resolving service. Navy JumpsuitETC 2021-06-18A generic navy jumpsuit worn by various NPCs that will be encountered throughout Squadron 42. New Babbage - Hospital Interior LocationETC 2021-05-14New Babbage hospital interior where players can heal, revive, and purchase medical supplies and life insurance. New Building Blocks EditorETC 2021-09-17A new editor for building blocks to increase productivity for UI artists and designers. It will include various tools to make visual layouts, animation, and restyling easier. NPC Character Creation ServiceETC 2021-06-11This service will aid in the creation of AI at specific locations for specific reasons, such as the Quantum Simulation. NPC Scheduler ServiceETC 2023-08-24The NPC Scheduler is meant to add and remove NPC's to the game, dynamically spawning them into and out of the 'verse based on NPC Archetype, Maximum number of NPC's in a given area, and the probabilities of those NPC Archetypes. NPC Tracker ServiceETC 2022-03-01The NPC Tracker Service tracks and records the actions of players and NPCs. In turn, Bounty Hunting gameplay will use this service to expose the actions taken by outlaws so they can be tracked by Bounty Hunters. Nyx System, Planet, and Mission SetupETC 2021-06-22Completing the initial foundational work needed to implement the Nyx System into the game. Origin 400iETC 2021-10-15Building, balancing, and implementing Origin's luxury explorer, the 400i, into the game. Origin 600i Gold StandardETC 2022-01-28Implementing, polishing, and optimizing all features required to bring the Origin 600i to gold standard. Origin X1ETC 2023-11-06Building, implementing, and balancing Origin's hover bike, the X1, as a flight-ready vehicle. Orison - Hospital Interior LocationETC 2021-06-25Orison hospital interior where players can heal, revive, and purchase medical supplies and life insurance. Orison Executive OutfitETC 2021-05-21This is a set of clothing intended to represent some of the higher end occupants of Crusader. They will be worn by people on Crusader such as the managers and higher level directors of the business. Orison JacketETC 2021-04-23Building and implementing Orison themed jackets that can be worn by NPCs and also be purchased by players.  Orison Mascot SuitETC 2021-05-21A mascot outfit worn by NPCs to showcase Orison's whale mascot that will welcome players to Orison.  Orison Outfit 01ETC 2021-05-07Building and implementing a series of Orison uniforms worn by NPCs that can also be purchased by players.  Orison V1ETC 2021-08-06Comprised of a latticework of platforms suspended in mid-atmosphere, Orison is considered one of the most picturesque locations in Stanton. This task includes creating all areas of the landing zone, including shipyards, habs, gardens, and spaceport. Orison V2ETC 2021-09-14Improving Crusader's landing zone with more shops and expanding various services around the city. Outer SystemETC 2021-02-27Polish pass on existing environmental assets around the outer system. Outlaw Medical OutfitsETC 2022-02-04Design and implementation of a surgical apron for outlaw medics. Outpost Homestead - Independent & OutlawETC 2023-12-15A small home for AI to live and shelter. They consist of a central hub and a few optional internal and external modules. They provide the basic necessities to support a small group of people for an indefinite amount of time. Outpost Theme VariantsETC 2022-12-21Adding themed variants to Colonialism outposts, which allows us to create different points of interest in the world. Themes will range from abandoned, mining, research, and many more.  Persistent HabsETC 2023-05-19Work that grants players the ability to have their own Persistent Habs. Persistent HangarsETC 2023-12-15Work that grants players the ability to have their own Persistent Hangars. This will also bring changes to the Cargo gameplay loop by allowing players to pack their grids manually.  Persistent Streaming and Server MeshingETC 2023-09-29Proprietary Server Meshing and Persistence Technology will allow Star Citizen to scale up it's shared universe across game servers. Eventually this technology will allow thousands of players to co-exist in the verse. Once the first version of this is implemented the number of servers and players will increase over successive versions. Personal InventoryETC 2022-07-08When implemented, players will physically store weapons, gadgets, consumables, healing items, and more on their person and in vehicles via backpacks, pockets, and containers. This utilizes the new iCache for persistence wherever players travel. Physical Damage & BreakabilityETC 2023-10-26Making use of the physics engine to create a system that looks and behaves realistically when large objects such as ships are damaged by weaponry or colliding with other ships, locations, or planets. Physical QT MovementETC 2021-11-08Perform the QT movement within physics, along with efficient empty space checks along the QT path to determine when to drop out of QT if a potential intersection might occur.  Physical/Local Inventory SupportETC 2021-07-02Adjusting shops and VMA to support the required API changes for local/physical inventory for players. Some of the transaction code will also be refactored, and several additional debugging options are being added so that we can identify problems and resolve bugs faster. The VMA will be updated so a player can only adjust their ship's loadout if they are in a location where they are currently storing other ship related items.  PlanEd & SolEd SupportETC 2021-05-11Continuous support for workflow improvements and implementing features based on core planet tech changes, including bug fixes for both the Planet Editor and Solar System Editor.  Planet GPU displacementETC 2021-02-02Offload CPU computation by applying displacement terrain offset in GPU for distant terrain chunks in the tessellation stage. This aims to provide a better terrain chunk LODs stability and a softer visual transition between terrain and ocean.  Plasma AmmunitionETC 2023-10-15Further work on this damage type will cause damage over time to actors, vehicles and ships. Larger weapons of this type will also leave behind a hazard, causing further damage to anything in close proximity to it. This will fulfill the original vision we had for the plasma weapons we already have in-game, and those we have planned for the future. Player Account EntitlementETC 2021-04-12Incorporation of Player Account ship and item entitlement into the graph inventory database. Player BodyETC 2021-06-04Increasing the poly count of the player's body for close up scenes involving hands and feet.  Player Interaction Experience T0 - Hints & InteractionsETC 2023-03-27The Player Interaction Experience (PIE) is a holistic array of complimentary features and systems, all related directly to the player. Player status, item status, environment status, as well as interactions with both the game world and the objects within it, are covered under these systems. Player Interaction Experience T1 - Lockers & InventoryETC 2022-11-10Lockers T1 introduces a consistent way to store clothes, armor, and items in a physicalized state. Also includes a more robust and tactile method of storing items on shelves and attachment surfaces. This builds on the Personal Inventory, expanding the inventory UI to include lockers. Player Interaction Experience T2 - Visor HUD & HelmetETC 2023-10-15Builds on the existing heads-up display (HUD) with a new look and feel. Includes a new equip and remove experience, boot-up and power-down sequences, and transitions between FPS and ship HUDs. Player Item Shard TransitionETC 2022-03-15With the introduction of fully persistent shards, items/ships that are left “in the open space” are bound to that shard until a player collects them and stores them into an inventory or parks a ship at a landing location. In order to provide a more frictionless experience we will implement a feature that automatically stores these ‘freely placed’ items from the shard when areas are streamed out, and places them into a different shard when the player logs into a new shard. This allows players to find their freely placed ships/items that are left in the open space regardless of which shard instance they are assigned during login. Player ReflectionETC 2022-07-08This feature assures the player will see a believable representation of their character when looking into a mirror or other reflective surface in first person view. Port Over Remaining Mesh RenderingETC 2021-08-27Porting all mesh-based rendering operation to Gen12. Probability Volume Encounter Density RefactorETC 2022-05-06Probability volumes are currently hard-coded and static. This refactor will allow for us to have much more control of how probability volumes are created from the backend so that we can dynamically change the feel of the game through other services, like Quantum. Profile Guided OptimizationsETC 2021-03-01Writing code is hard, writing high performance code is harder. And sometimes problematic code slips in. We want to focus on some of those instances, by profiling and attacking the top offenders. Proximity MineETC 2022-07-22Implementing proximity mines into the game, which are explosives that have a defined area trigger zone. When someone or something enters that zone, the trigger is tripped and the mine explodes. Pyro Space StationsETC 2023-11-06Adding small rundown Rest Stop stations to the Pyro system, which provide basic services and use limited interiors. Pyro SpacescapingETC 2022-02-01Utilizing gas cloud tech, VDB elements will be crafted to spacescape the Pyro System.  Pyro System, Planet, and Mission SetupETC 2023-09-29Completing the initial foundational work needed to implement the Pyro System into the game. Quantum SimulationETC 2023-09-21Revealed at CitizenCon 2019, the Quantum Simulation will serve as the background economy for Star Citizen. Thousands of unseen simulated entities will carry out trade, commerce, piracy, and security to populate and inform other game systems. Quantum Travel ExperienceETC 2023-03-17Updating Quantum Travel mechanic to move players in a more physically realistic way, and improve the general QT experience, adjusting how spooling/calibrating, interdictions and entering/exiting work. Radar, Scanning, and PingETC 2021-08-03Radar is used to passively locate and track contacts, and display their whereabouts to the player. Scanning is used to obtain information about a specific entity. Ping actively finds additional contacts, or highlights volumes of space to investigate weak signatures, both of which are displayed via the radar and its AR HUD elements. RaStarETC 2023-09-08Developing and implementing RaStar, a tool that allows the placement of modular structures on planet surfaces, including the deformation of the surrounding terrain to accommodate it. This will eventually be used by players to place their own structures, such as with the Consolidated Outland Pioneer. Recipe TDDETC 2021-02-12Performing an overall polish pass on the economic systems, from commodity trading to item prices to provide a better overall experience for players. Refinery OverlaysETC 2021-02-09Introducing new non-commercial overlays to the entry areas of refinery stations to add more variety and better suit the theme. Refinery ShipsETC 2023-11-20Certain ships will have refineries built into them, allowing players to process ore using a completely on-board process.  Replicated Entity Spawn Params From NetworkETC 2021-05-14Entity spawn parameters are a data record describing how to spawn a given entity. Previously these would be obtained from game code on the server and sent via the network to spawn entities on clients. This work pushes the necessary data into the network code's Replication Layer so it can create entity spawn parameters independently of other systems. Replication Layer Entity AuthorityETC 2022-09-15Moves the code that handles assigning and enforcing entity authority into the Replication Layer. Reputation Gates for MissionsETC 2021-12-17Doing a more in depth pass on gating access to missions based off of the players reputation with corporations and mission givers. Reputation UIETC 2021-04-30This feature will give players insight into their reputation with the important NPCs and organizations they have interacted with. This will also include a total list of reputation ranks, including those that have been completed and the ones they're actively working on. Reputation V1 - Repuation and Org ServiceETC 2021-05-27This system will introduce the first iteration of persistent reputation between all entities within the Star Citizen universe, as well as persistent NPC organizations. Reputation V2ETC 2022-04-08An upgrade to the reputation system that allows reputation to drive AI hostility. Rescue/Transport MissionETC 2022-09-23Taking advantage of AI follow behaviors to create missions where players transport customers from one location to another, along with prototype missions where player must rescue imperiled clients from dangerous situations and escort them to safety. Resource ManagementETC 2023-12-15This system will handle resources for stations, settlements, cities, and all other locations. It will also unlock Engineering Station gameplay for ships, letting players manage power, CPU, fuel, shields, coolant, etc. Reststop Hangar ReplacementsETC 2022-05-20Creating exterior pieces for small and medium Hangars that allow them to look and function properly as part of overall space station exteriors. Retaliator Room OC Swapping ETC 2021-06-11System support enabling players to swap vehicle rooms and modules via VMA (and allows designers to specify vehicle setup at run time in SQ42). Rivers and BasinsETC 2022-03-15This tool allows rivers and basins to be further developed and readied for production use, in order to enhance the ecosystems of our planets.  RoadsETC 2021-12-21Adapting existing terrain deformation and river tech to create road tooling and visuals, allowing designers to add roads into game environments. RSI BengalETC 2021-07-30The Bengal is a fleet carrier spacecraft developed by Roberts Space Industries (RSI) for the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN). RSI Constellation TaurusETC 2021-07-09Implementing and balancing RSI's hauling variant of the Constellation, the Taurus, as a flight ready ship in the game. RSI OrionETC 2022-08-19Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's mining platform, the Orion, as a flight-ready vehicle. RSI ScorpiusETC 2022-06-24Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's heavy fighter, the Scorpius, as a flight-ready vehicle. Salvage T0ETC 2023-02-01All back-end tech tasks related to creating the first pass of the salvage feature that will be used in future location and mission updates. Save/LoadETC 2023-03-15This feature will handle the creation of the save system across Squadron 42, including player data, checkpoints, and UI. Part of this system will also store and load dynamic entities, NPC positions, and data associated with object containers. SDF Shields ETC 2021-04-02Adapt shields code to determine shield hits based off of dynamically contoured shield meshes for more accurate combat gameplay, and to eliminate possible weak spots in shields. This also extends shield tech to entities beyond just vehicles. Security BehaviorETC 2022-09-30Encompasses all tasks for NPC Security Officer behavior in the persistent universe and Squadron 42. Security Network V0ETC 2021-02-22Initial implementation of the security system. This allows security features to know if players are trespassing without having to assign them a criminal rating. Also routes criminal sightings to the backend communications network. Security Network V1 ETC 2023-11-06Full implementation of the security system. Includes other features for which players may need a clearance level, such as doors and elevators. SellingETC 2022-03-25This feature deals with the ability to sell items back to the shops. Players will have the ability to sell items from their local inventory to the shop using our Building Blocks Tech. This will also support a generalized loot system that will fill lockers and enemy's backpacks with a random assortment of items that can be looted and then taken back to shops to sell for money. Server StreamingETC 2022-03-15Changes the implementation of Server Object Container Streaming (S-OCS) to be driven from the network code's Replication Layer, backed by EntityGraph for persistent storage. Services Distributed Load Testing SystemETC 2022-03-30Development of a distributed load testing tool that can simulate service loads and replicate user behaviours. Shard Data Query APIETC 2021-08-03This API allows gamecode access to common queries against entity graph data. Shard ManagerETC 2021-11-09Add functionality to the Hybrid for what will become the Shard Manager component service. The Shard Manager functionality is responsible for creating a shard in the EntityGraph database, ensuring it is "seeded" with an initial population of entities, communicating with matchmaking so that players can join a shard, and talking to provisioning services so that a Hybrid and Dedicated Game Servers (DGS) can be assigned to a shard. Shard Replication Layer PopulationETC 2021-05-14Each Shard contains a complete independent copy of the game universe and its entity hierarchy. EntityGraph is the database providing persistent cloud storage for entities in the Shards and inventories. This work populates the Replication Layer for a Shard's server from the EntityGraph and allows changes to the persistent state to be written back.  Sharp Angular Asteroid PackETC 2021-08-13All tasks involved in creating and implementing sharp, angular asteroid packs for use in the Pyro system. Shield Capacitors V1ETC 2021-06-25When complete, players will have the ability to manage the amount of extra energy distributed to shields, allowing them to choose between maximizing defenses or using that power to attack or escape. Shield EmittersETC 2022-03-15Converting ship shield-emitters into physical objects that can be targeted and destroyed, giving players the ability to permanently disable enemy shields. Ship AI - Subcomponent TargetingETC 2021-06-03AI pilots will now be aware of Sub-Components of enemy ships during combat. Depending on their behavior and skill level, they will target these components to give themselves an advantage. The scale of the opposing ships will also dictate sub-component targeting. For example, a Fighter Pilot would primarily engage and destroy the Turrets of larger ships. Ship CPUETC 2022-08-19Designing and implementing computer blades for ships. Includes various blades that can be used to modify or improve certain aspects of a ship's functionality, such as unlocking more complex targeting abilities.  Ship to Ship RefuelingETC 2022-03-29Implementing the systems that will allow players flying specific ships to refuel other ship and get paid for it. The player can fill those specific ships' fuel tanks from a station using an updated Rearm, Restock, Refuel interface at Landing Zones and Space Stations. Shops and PatronsETC 2022-10-07Vastly expand the interactive usables needed for an assortment of shops and patrons. We will be populating dozens of shops with the ‘vendor’ behavior previously seen in the bartender. This will include the Coffee Stand, Pizza bar, Kiosks, and more  Solar BurstETC 2021-10-12Solar Bursts are dangerous natural disasters that happen regularly around older stars like Pyro. In these instances, the sun erupts with an high energy particle wave, generated from its surface, traveling at 15% the speed of light through the entire star-system. This dangerous high energy particle wave can be avoided by hiding behind other objects that are big enough. SolEd SDF EditorETC 2021-03-02Improve and expand how Asteroid Field Entities are set up on a system scale, including editor support for setting up the Asteroid Field SDF (Signed Distance Field) inside the Solar System Editor.  Space MinesETC 2023-05-26In space, players in certain ships will gain the ability to release different types of space mines in a coordinated fashion, in an attempt to trap, damage and capture enemies, or set up defensive perimeters. Space Stations - Hospital Interior LocationETC 2021-10-18Implementation of working Clinics throughout the ‘verse, where players can be healed, as well as purchase medical supplies and life insurance. Space Whale V1ETC 2021-09-23The Space Whale is a creature from the gaseous planet Crusader. The Space Whale serves as a mascot for the planet and is depicted frequently in scenery around the planet and landing zone.  SpacescapingETC 2022-03-29Utilizing gas cloud tech, VDB elements will be crafted to spacescape the environments of Squadron 42. Spawn ClosetsETC 2021-06-29The initial implementation of 'spawn closets'. These areas allow entities, such as NPCs, to spawn in areas outside of player view. These will be used to support missions, location populations, and security responses. Spectrum Party SyncETC 2021-09-28Creating the ability to create a new party or view your current party in Spectrum. SQ42 - Vehicle SupportETC 2023-12-31Polishing and iterating on various vehicles needed for the Squadron 42 single-player campaign. Stair Locomotion T1ETC 2021-12-08This includes new animations depending on whether the character is walking, running, or sprinting and procedural foot alignment to ensure the character hits each stair correctly. Stanton AsteroidsETC 2021-02-23Creating replacements for the asteroids currently used in the Stanton system using the new organic asset workflow. Stanton System Polish v2ETC 2021-03-30Update assets, object presets, planet painting, and the global data of all planetary bodies in the Stanton system. StarHash Bind CullingETC 2021-05-07Bind Culling decides what entities are "bound" (network replicated) to which clients. Previously, the server would use the Entity Component Update Scheduler (ECUS) to determine visibility of entities for each client. This work introduces a StarHash maintained by the network code's Replication Layer to perform the same role. The StarHash is a data structure optimized for spatial queries, such as "what can this client see?" StarWords ImprovementsETC 2023-07-03Quality of life and workflow improvements for StarWords, our text localization tool which handles most text within StarCitizen and Squadron 42.  StarWords [TMS]ETC 2021-03-17Integrate internal text management tool with external TMS to allow for efficient localization. Station KitETC 2021-02-12This work aims to further improve assets required for building out space stations. Substance Texturing Pipeline V1ETC 2021-08-13Recreating our layerblend shader in substance painter and creating tools to support texturing in substance painter, allowing artists to have a visual library of materials. Subsumption Editor IntegrationETC 2023-10-15Recreating the Subsumption editor's functionality inside the engine, to allow easier setup and debugging subsumption logic for the designers. Subsumption Service/Server Mission LogicETC 2021-12-31The porting of core Subsumption mission code to a service and implementation of a select subset of tasks to be used on that service. Includes implementing communication between service and mission logic running on DGS. SurrenderETC 2021-05-28To allow players to be arrested without losing their life, they will be able to surrender by coming to a halt and powering down their ships when ordered to by security. Security will halt their attack and arrest criminal players (and impound the ship if owned by a criminal). Take-Off and LandingETC 2021-05-28Design and implementation of take-off and landing procedures for the capital ships of Squadron 42. Terrain Modification SupportETC 2021-06-22Working with artists to support and improve the terrain modification tools. Adding features to better support organic landmarks like Rivers.  Terrain Snow Displacement ETC 2022-12-06Implementing the tech required for impressions in the snow when a person or vehicle impacts/travels over snowy terrain. TestRunner ImprovementsETC 2023-09-29TestRunner provides a standard setup for configuration files, build folder and data collection. These tasks will improve reporting to allow easier analysis of results, along with continuing work on Feature Testing support.  The CoilETC 2022-10-28The Coil is an electric phenomenon that exists in the unusually dense asteroid cluster that closely orbits the white dwarf Odin. Theaters of War - Crossroads of CrimeETC 2021-10-29This map for the Theaters of War mode has players assume the role of a member of the UEE Advocacy tactical team or an outlaw in the Supreme gang in the battle for the Hathor Mining Facility on Nexus III. Discovered in 2445, budget issues forced the United Nations of Earth to sell exclusive access to the Nexus system to the Hathor Group who would go on to indiscriminately stripped the system of its resources before abandoning it. Over the decades, outlaws, squatters, and refugees began to move in as the system slipped into obscurity. The year is now 2934. The UEE is still attempting to restore order to this "Crossroads of Crime" by sweeping out the outlaws and squatters who have taken residence in the system. Theaters of War - Miscellaneous SupportETC 2022-07-01Ongoing art, design, and engineering tasks to support the Theaters of War game mode. Third Person Camera V2ETC 2021-06-23Adding improved follow behavior to the third-person camera, with increased support for ground vehicles. The camera will also fully disconnect during accidents for more cinematic crashes. Thruster Capacitors V1ETC 2021-06-25Players will have the ability to manage the amount of extra energy that goes into the thrusters, making critical decisions on the distribution of energy in order to defend, attack or just run away. Tracking AppETC 2021-08-23A mobiGlas app that displays the player's history of criminality and helps them understand the laws of the various jurisdictions. Tumbril Nova TonkETC 2021-05-14Building, implementing, and balancing the Tumbril Nova as drivable vehicle. Turret Usability ImprovementsETC 2022-05-13Further improvements to turret gameplay, including giving gunners more flexibility and support when using additional weaponry. UI - Death SummaryETC 2021-02-26Updating our UI to give better player death information. This will show the player who killed them, how much damage they dealt to their killer, where the killing blow came from, and how long until they can respawn. UI - ScoreboardETC 2021-09-30Convert the scoreboard to work with Building Blocks. The new interface will give players real-time access to position, current loadout/vehicle status, squad, name, rank, score, objectives, kills, deaths, assists, ping, and voice chat status. UltiFlex CrossbowETC 2021-03-12All back-end tech required for making the UltiFlex Crossbow functional upon its forthcoming release. UnannouncedETC 2021-06-11Unannounced Content UnannouncedETC 2021-04-09Unannounced Vehicle UnannouncedETC 2021-11-26Unannounced Content Cave ArchetypesETC 2023-04-27Expanding the experience of traversing caves by creating more variety and developing new challenges. The setup of the caves will also make them more efficient for use in the creation of future caves. UnannouncedETC 2021-10-15Unannounced Content UnannouncedETC 2021-03-02Unannounced Tech UnannouncedETC 2021-11-16Unannounced Content UnannouncedETC 2021-09-17Unannounced Content UnannouncedETC 2021-03-04Unannounced Feature UnannouncedETC 2021-04-29Unannounced Feature UnannouncedETC 2021-05-21Unannoaunced Feature Drake MuleETC 2022-06-17Building, implementing, and balancing Drake's cargo vehicle, the Mule, as a game-ready vehicle. UnannouncedETC 2021-08-31Unannounced Content UnannouncedETC 2022-02-02Unannounced Tech UnannouncedETC 2022-09-30Unannounced Vehicle UnannouncedETC 2021-12-10Unannounced Vehicle UnannouncedETC 2022-02-04Unannounced Vehicle UnannouncedETC 2023-08-01Unannounced Vehicle UnannouncedETC 2023-06-16Unannounced Vehicle UnannouncedETC 2022-11-25Unannounced Vehicle Anvil CenturionETC 2022-06-17Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil's anti-air ground vehicle, the Centurion, as a game-ready vehicle. UnannouncedETC 2022-06-24Unannounced Vehicle Underwater Rendering/CausticsETC 2022-06-08Underwater rendering is a key point of water tech. Adding them will increase planet visual quality and realism for underwater flora and fauna. Unified Login QueueETC 2022-06-03Creating a shared login queue to prevent massive login waves from negatively affecting backend services. Updates - Broken Moon & Dying Star MapsETC 2021-11-15Updating the Broken Moon and Dying Star maps by increasing their overall size, adding new playable areas, more cover options, and new space assets.  Utility BehaviorETC 2021-06-17Encompasses all tasks for NPC Utility Officer behavior in the persistent universe and Squadron 42. Vanduul FleetETC 2023-06-24Implementing, polishing, and optimizing all features required to bring the various ships of the Vanduul fleet to gold standard. Vanduul Warrior ArmorETC 2021-07-16Encompasses all tasks related to armor for Vanduul warriors. Vehicle Door ImprovementsETC 2021-11-12Updates to the underlying implementation of vehicle door setup that will allow for more advanced interactions, including ramps aligning to terrain and other ship-specific behaviors. Vehicle Names and Serial NumbersETC 2021-02-19Adding the ability for ships that display custom player-assigned names on the side of their ships. Special serial numbers will also be shown, and all other ships will have unique serial numbers displayed, to identify them in the universe. Vehicle to Vehicle Loadout SpawningETC 2021-09-03Enabling ItemPorts and cargo grids to support vehicle-loading via VMA. This will also allow ASOP terminals to report vehicle-in-vehicle statuses. Vending Machine Utilization T0ETC 2022-05-13Enables AI characters to use vending machines to purchase food and drink. Virtual AI ServiceETC 2023-08-24A service that drives the logic of Virtual AI, the go-between of Subsumption AI and Quanta AI. VisArea ImprovementsETC 2022-05-27We will support VisAreas made out of multiple segments that can be individually animated, to allow us to animate more complex shapes. This will also reduce the designer burden during level building by changing the shape format from a custom to a common one.  VOLT ParallaxETC 2022-12-08Designing and creating the Verified Offworld Laser Technologies Parallax energy assault rifle Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. VOLT QuartzETC 2021-04-30Designing and creating the Verified Offworld Laser Technologies Quartz SMG. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Volume Check Tool V1ETC 2021-06-18Creating a tool to check volume restrictions for modular assets, allowing designers to flag potential problem areas for modelers before it gets passed down the pipeline to them.  Weapon Attach PointsETC 2021-12-08Update and expansion of the current development toolset for authoring and maintaining weapons. Weapon Capacitors V1ETC 2021-06-25Players will have the ability to manage the amount of extra energy that goes into the weapons, making critical decisions on the distribution of energy in order to defend, attack, or just run away. Weapon Handling T2ETC 2022-02-18Introduces character animations while interacting with and customizing FPS weapons. The aim is to add a tactile look and feel to weapon handling, supporting the wider goal of high-fidelity character interactions with all relevant objects in-game. Weapon Misfire & WearETC 2023-10-15Adding the potential for certain weapons to misfire or malfunction depending on various factors. Wheeled Vehicle Physics ImprovementsETC 2022-03-08Improving physics for ground vehicles by taking static environment and collisions into account during network prediction and synchronization. Wheeled Vehicles RefactorETC 2021-03-29Implementing a new, more physical movement class, which will be the basis of a new and improved wheeled vehicle simulation. Wrap3 Batch InterfaceETC 2021-10-15Development and creation of the Wrap3 and game mesh retopology pipeline. XenoThreat ArmorETC 2022-09-23Developing multiple armor variants for the Pyro gang, XenoThreat. Xi'an CargoETC 2021-12-31Construction and implementation of interior and exterior approved concepts. Xi'an Facial RiggingETC 2021-09-27Rigging of the Xi'an character model for use in animation. Zero G Push & PullETC 2023-03-31Adding the ability for the player to traverse surfaces in zero-g by pushing and pulling with their hands. This will come into play when the player is wearing an EVA suit without thrusters, or if thrusters are turned off. ZoneSystem ImprovementsETC 2021-08-27This encompasses several additions and improvements to ZoneSystem, optimizing spatial culling of areas and objects.  Distortion PropagationETC 2023-10-15Further work on this damage type to allow correct propagation into systems. This makes the location of impact much more important, as powered items closer to the impact will begin to suffer more severely. This will fulfil the original vision we had for the distortion weapons we already have in-game, and those we have planned for the future. Entity Properties PluginETC 2023-09-29Improving entity property handling to easily adjust properties for multiple entities at the same time, decreasing iteration time for designers. This is a major upgrade to the old way of handling the entity properties, which was pretty limited and hard to extend. Lorville CityscapeETC 2023-03-29Rework the Lorville skyline to better fit the scale of the city and its distinctive buildings. Physics - Ropes SimulationETC 2023-08-15Extend the simulation algorithm of ropes to support ropes interacting with pulleys, and improve general stability to enable the development of new gameplay mechanics. Room DepressurizationETC 2022-12-21Creating the ability for players to increase or decrease the atmospheric pressure in a defined/closed room. RSI ApolloETC 2023-12-15Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's medical craft, the Apollo, as a game-ready vehicle. Satellites - Points of InterestETC 2022-12-31Populate the game universe with explorable satellite locations that serve as points of interest for players.  Tumbril RangerETC 2022-12-31Building, implementing, and balancing Tumbril Landsystems' two-wheeled bike, the Ranger, as a game-ready vehicle. UnannouncedETC 2022-11-18Unannounced Vehicle Underground FacilitiesETC 2023-12-15Adding new underground facilities to the game. Traversable areas offering gameplay opportunities in corporate industrial environments. Zone HandlingETC 2022-02-01Implementing backend solutions to help designers easily define which zone an object should be spawned in, to be merged into all existing tools and workflows, with an initial focus on cinematic tools. Drake Cutlass Gold StandardETC 2022-01-28Implementing, polishing, and optimizing all features required to bring the Drake Cutlass to gold standard. Dynamic Mission SystemETC 2022-09-23The Dynamic Mission System will allow select mission types to be dynamically tailored to the current environment (and Quantum at a later date). These missions will be customizable and payment will accurately reflect the distance traveled and risk involved. Ladders T1ETC 2022-11-24Improves freedom and control while traversing ladders. Specifically, players will be able to aim and shoot weapons, use gadgets, heal, and complete other one-handed actions. They will also be able to dodge to the side to avoid gunfire or falling debris. Prone T1ETC 2023-03-31All tasks relating to implementing prone (lying down) movement by the player and NPCs. Crusader Genesis StarlinerETC 2022-11-18Building, implementing, and balancing Crusader's passenger transport, the Genesis Starliner, as a flight-ready vehicle. Foliage ShaderETC 2022-05-25Creating the ability to replace most current vegetation assets' materials with foliage shader versions as needed. This will both improve the general quality of foliage and vegetation, as well as allow for variation between seasons and climate conditions. MISC Hull BETC 2022-11-18Building, implementing, and balancing the MISC Hull-B as a flight-ready ship. Ocean Shader ImprovementsETC 2023-03-06Reworking the Ocean shader to use more physically accurate refraction and reflection with energy conservation, unifying the feature set with other water shaders, and balancing performance between orbital and close-up situations. UnannouncedETC 2022-11-11Unannounced Vehicle Checkpoint/Skip Point ToolETC 2022-07-01Creation of an editor tool, as part of the Subsumption Visualizer, which allows the creation of files defining setups for specific checkpoints, such as spawned entities, their position, and loadouts. Mantle T2ETC 2022-07-08Improving the existing mantling feature, including mantling up to a surface without a wall to push up against, jumping over a gap to reach a mantle, and overall improved detection radius. Additional Stanton Lagrange PointsETC 2022-05-20Implementing additional reststop locations surrounding microTech and ArcCorp, including both the stations themselves and the gas clouds surrounding them. Seated Item HandlingETC 2023-08-15This feature will add the ability for players and NPCs to use items or smaller weapons while seated in a passenger seat of a vehicle or ship. SlidingETC 2023-10-15This feature will introduce a new traversal method for players, allowing them to traverse short distances by sliding along the floor. This will add a new element to combat situations. Stanton Fashion ClothingETC 2022-12-02Creation of additional fashion outfits, both masculine and feminine, for the Stanton system. Anvil LegionnaireETC 2022-04-29Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil Aerospace's dedicated boarding ship, the Legionnaire, as a game-ready vehicle. AR and Map Marker System ReworkETC 2023-08-11Rework of AR and map marker systems to work with Building Blocks. Doors/Airlocks/Light Panels UIETC 2022-08-05Creating new User Interfaces for door panels, airlocks and light panels using Building Blocks. mobiGlas ReworkETC 2023-10-15Reworking the mobiGlas system to use Building Blocks, which will also allow for easier development of mobiGlas apps. Visor/Lens ReworkETC 2022-08-05Converting the Visor and Lens systems to Building Blocks for improved performance and flexibility. Additional Stanton Lagrange PointsETC 2022-05-06Implementing additional reststop locations surrounding microTech and ArcCorp, including both the stations themselves and the gas clouds surrounding them. Aegis Retaliator BaseETC 2023-03-17Building, implementing, and balancing the base variant of Aegis multi-crew combat ship, the Retaliator, as a game-ready vehicle. Anvil CrucibleETC 2023-02-17Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil's ship repair platform, the Crucible, as a game-ready vehicle. Drake MuleETC 2022-06-17Building, implementing, and balancing Drake's cargo vehicle, the Mule, as a game-ready vehicle. Freight ElevatorsETC 2023-12-15Implementation of systems and content for players to physically load and unload cargo to and from their ships by conveying cargo to and from hangars, landing pads, garages, and docking collars. New Player ExperienceETC 2023-12-15An initiative for improving the initial (first 30 minutes) gameplay experience, which will help players understand the context of the world and introduce them to some of Star Citizen's basic features. This will include updates to landing zones, spaceports, habs, shops, and more. Player/Machine Physical InteractionETC 2023-07-15Initial implementation of animations that show the player interacting with ship controls and items. Includes pushing buttons, flicking switches, and interacting with other areas of the cockpit. Also includes other machines and items, including locker doors. Salvage - Vehicle MunchingETC 2023-12-15Implementing the ability to transform large chunks of metal salvaged from ships into a refinable material. This will use the grinder systems aboard salvage ships like the Vulture and Reclaimer. Asteroid FacilitiesETC 2023-06-30Adding new Asteroid Facilities to the persistent universe. Hand-crafted traversable areas offering different gameplay opportunities both in the interior and exterior of asteroids. RSI LynxETC 2023-05-11Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's planetary rover, the Lynx, as a game-ready vehicle. UnannouncedETC 2022-08-12Unannounced Vehicle UnannouncedETC 2023-05-25Unannounced Vehicle UnannouncedETC 2023-05-19Unannounced Vehicle AI - CommuterETC 2022-09-30Implementing the commuter AI behavior into the game. The AI will search for means to travel to their destination. While waiting for a vehicle to arrive, the AI will eat, drink, and check notice boards or timetables. Upon the arrival of the transport, the AI will board and embark to their destination. AI - UtilityETC 2022-09-30Implementing the utility AI behavior. The AI will drive vehicles, pick up, haul, and stow carryables, as well as manage the vehicle's cargo bay and inventory.  Artificial GravityETC 2023-10-23Implementing the dedicated functionality for items controlling the gravity per room for ships, outposts and stations. This also includes player controls as part of engineering gameplay. Environmental Space MissionsETC 2022-09-15Implementation of new missions and scenarios that the player will encounter as they wander around an area of space. The missions that appear will be based on the Probability Volumes that the player is currently in. Fire Rats ArmorETC 2022-09-09Developing multiple armor variants for the Pyro gang, Fire Rats. New Interdiction ScenariosETC 2023-09-11Adding new variations and difficulty levels of interdiction scenarios that players will come across while quantum traveling.  Physicalized Weapon HandlingETC 2023-03-31Introduces character animations while interacting with and customizing FPS weapons. The aim is to add a tactile look and feel to weapon handling, supporting the wider goal of high-fidelity character interactions with all relevant objects in-game. Shopkeeper OutfitsETC 2022-08-12Implementing a new generic shopkeeper uniform for various NPCs in the persistent universe. Swimming T0ETC 2023-10-15Creating basic functionality for the player to be able to swim across the surface of bodies of water, including related features such as entering, exiting, and drowning. Includes support for hazardous liquids that can damage or kill the player and other characters. UnannouncedETC 2022-11-25Unannounced Vehicle Unified Itemports - FPSETC 2022-12-02Renaming and standardizing character itemports to properly represent their capabilities. This includes expanding their capabilities to allow for more types of equipment to be used on the current itemports. Vehicle Tractor BeamsETC 2023-09-29Implementing tractor beams attached to ships, either remote-operated or a turret-like attachment. This allows players to move and tow bigger objects, including other ships. VOLT Fresnel ETC 2023-02-23Designing and creating the Verified Offworld Laser Technologies Fresnel SMG. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. New Missions - OrisonETC 2023-02-15Bounty, Assassinate, Clear All and other missions to take place on the platforms created for Siege of Orison which, in future, will be distributed across the planet of Crusader to create further content. Sandbox Prison ActivitiesETC 2022-09-23Expansion of prison gameplay with a new suite of missions and sandbox activities to give inmates more opportunities to earn merits or to aid in their escape from prison. Security Post Kareah ReactivationETC 2022-11-09Security Post Kareah will be taking a more central role in Stanton's security. Crusader Security have moved in a full-time staff and have begun storing confiscated contraband aboard. The station will be off limits to all civilians, unless given prior authorization. Aerodynamic Control SurfacesETC 2023-05-09Ships with control surfaces will be able to use them in atmospheres to aid their maneuverability. This will allow for improved performance from ships that have weak maneuvering thrusters in atmosphere, and bring new depth to aerodynamic flight in the game. AI - Vehicle PerceptionETC 2023-07-03This feature will give AI the ability to both perceive and detect vehicles from the ground as well as select ground-based targets when piloting their own, using both vision and radar. Arena Commander: Classic Race Mode OverhaulETC 2023-03-18A complete overhaul of all systems and maps in Arena Commander's Classic Race Mode. Improvements include a complete refactor of the Checkpoint entity & race manager system, improvements to scoring, a complete rework of all three New Horizon Speedway maps, as well as a new map, The Snake Pit. VOLT Pulse ETC 2022-07-08Designing and creating the Verified Offworld Laser Technologies Pulse energy pistol. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing. Gatac SyulenETC 2023-10-26Building, implementing, and balancing Gatac's starter ship, the Syulen, as a game-ready vehicle. Chapter 28ETC 2023-06-02Designing, implementing, and iterating on chapter 28 of Squadron 42's single-player campaign.  Greycat STVETC 2022-10-07Building, implementing, and balancing Greycat Industrial's utility ground vehicle, the STV, as a game-ready vehicle. Crusader SpiritETC 2023-10-19Building, balancing, and implementing Crusader Industries' small multi-crew ship, the Spirit, into the game. Time Trial Race MissionsETC 2023-03-15Time Trial Race Missions are being added throughout the Stanton System. Players will be able to test their skills versus set times, earning rewards based on performance and even unlocking more tracks as they progress. UnannouncedETC 2023-05-19Unannounced Vehicle Anvil C8R PiscesETC 2022-10-30Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil Aerospace's ambulance, the C8R Pisces, as a game-ready vehicle. Drake CutterETC 2022-11-11Building, implementing, and balancing Drake Interplanetary's starter ship, the Cutter, as a game-ready vehicle. RSI GalaxyETC 2022-08-12Building, balancing, and implementing RSI's modular explorer, the Galaxy, into the game. RSI PolarisETC 2023-12-15Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech, required for the implementation of the RSI Polaris corvette into the PU. Drake Cutter ScoutETC 2023-10-06Building, balancing, and implementing Drake Interplanetary's reconnaissance ship, the Cutter Scout, into the game. Duster Faction OutfitsETC 2023-07-15Developing multiple outfit variants for the Stanton gang, the Dusters. Master ModesETC 2022-09-29Implementing new modes to vehicles to manage a their speed, components, and role-specific functions. New Missions - Salvage ContractsETC 2023-06-30With more civilian access to salvage ships, contract brokers are offering salvage jobs for derelicts around Lagrange Points around Stanton. These brokers charge a fee for their services so this will require some buy-in, but the contractors are free to keep any salvaged material for resale. RSI Scorpius AntaresETC 2022-11-25Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's EMP and quantum jammer-equipped fighter, the Scorpius Antares, as a game-ready vehicle. Additional Derelict SettlementsETC 2023-12-15Settlements with both gameplay and social elements, spread throughout the Stanton wilderness using the Rastar tool. Headhunters Faction OutfitsETC 2023-10-15Developing multiple outfit variants for the Pyro gang, the Headhunters. New Missions - Data HeistETC 2023-11-06Implementing missions that task players with infiltrating locations (often held by NPCs), reaching data stores, and setting data to upload to offsite handlers. New Missions - Mining Resource RushETC 2023-06-30Various large clusters of asteroids around Stanton are being sold off by several organizations. For a fee, civilians are given access to these spatial mining claims and allowed to mine until the cluster is depleted, drawing many mining crews, and occasionally pirates, to these hotspots. New Missions - Package ExtractionETC 2023-06-23A new multiplayer mission where players will work together to recover stolen prototype ship components. Crusader Security tasks players with extracting these highly-classified components from the Nine Tails transport ships before they can escape off-world. Rough and Ready Faction OutfitsETC 2023-06-16Developing multiple outfit variants for the Pyro gang, Rough and Ready. New Missions - Retreive ConsignmentETC 2023-06-30A new mission type where players are tasked with locating critical items in consignment lists, then safely extract them. Ship TrespassETC 2023-09-29The interior of players' ships are now considered trespass zones for those without permission to enter. Permission will granted via the party system until more complex systems for managing crew and passengers is created. Players trespassing aboard a ship can be attacked by the owner of the ship and any player in their party without fear of committing a crime. Aopoa San'tok.y─üiETC 2023-09-12Building, balancing, and implementing Aopoa's medium fighter, the San'tok.y─üi, into the game. UnannouncedETC 2023-10-06Unannounced Vehicle Mirai FuryETC 2023-05-25 Tumbril StormETC 2023-10-19Building, implementing, and balancing Tumbril's light tank, the Storm, as a game-ready vehicle. UnannouncedETC 2023-06-16Unannounced Vehicle RSI Zeus MkIIETC 2023-12-29Building, balancing, and implementing RSI's small multicrew ship, the Zeus MkII, into the game. Arena Commander: Experimental Game ModesETC 2023-09-21These limited-time game modes range from simple twists on current modes to entirely new modes. This initiative will not only allow rapid iteration of game modes to be put in players' hands faster, but also allow all teams to gather vital analytic data for specific activities, equipment, vehicles, and in-development features. Arena Commander: Frontend UpdateETC 2023-09-21Replacement of the current Electronic Access Frontend. This makes switching modes, vehicles, loadouts as well as creating lobbies a more fluid experience, as well as giving developers the tools to adjust features and create new ones more easily. Arena Commander: New RacetracksETC 2023-09-21Test your racing prowess in Euterpe Icebreaker, Miners Lament, The Snake Pit and Yadar Valley as some of the first persistent universe locations enter Arena Commander, alongside Halloran Circuit, a brand new racetrack on the New Horizon Speedway. New Missions - Cargo HaulingETC 2023-11-10Making use of the Freight Elevators feature, this mission type will have players hauling large quantities of cargo to earn both aUEC and reputation.  New Missions - Restoration ContractsETC 2023-11-10Utilizing the Repair functionality of the multi-tool salvage attachment, players are tasked to restore ships from bow to stern, patching up the hull, replacing missing or faulty internal components, and replacing weapon loadouts in new salvage yard locations.  New Missions - Steal/Recover CargoETC 2023-12-22Steal/Recover Cargo missions will see players recovering and/or stealing cargo from both derelict and active ships, then hauling the cargo to its intended destination.  Reputation - HostilityETC 2023-11-06Players will encounter AI that are either friendly or hostile based on their reputation with the organization the AI belong to. This also includes different friendly-fire thresholds and defense responses. Reputation - Sandbox TriggersETC 2023-07-27This feature will allow for players to have their reputation increase or decrease with organizations based on their actions in the persistent universe, separate from missions. This in turn will either allow or prevent players from accepting missions for particular organizations.  Reputation - Shop DiscountsETC 2023-08-24Players will have the ability to receive discounts in certain shops based on their reputation with affiliated organizations.  New Missions - Steal EvidenceETC 2023-08-24A criminal mission type where players are tasked with infiltrating Security Post Kareah and stealing files from Crusader Security for a hefty payout.  New Missions Steal EvidenceETC 2023-08-24 Origin G12ETC 2023-12-15Building, implementing, and balancing Origin's wheeled ground vehicle, the G12, as a game-ready vehicle. SQ42 - PolishingETC 2023-12-15Fine-tuning and refining all aspects of the Squadron 42 gameplay experience. Drake Cutter ScoutETC 2023-10-06Building, balancing, and implementing Drake Interplanetary's reconnaissance ship, the Cutter Scout, into the game. RSI Zeus MkIIETC 2023-12-29Building, balancing, and implementing RSI's small multicrew ship, the Zeus MkII, into the game.


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